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John, My 10 year old son loves anything to do with Police and K-9 dogs. We always give the kids a calendar at Christmas and I wanted one with police pictures. I googled "police calendar" and found this one. This calendar is perfect!


My sister and brother-in-law and many other family members are either currently on various forces or retired from same.  We have always supported the K-9 program here in Central Oregon but they haven’t held the trials here for some time.  Every time we go (to the trials) we buy t-shirts with the local dogs’ photos on them and my son has worn his to shreds!  So I was trying to find some other merchandise for his Christmas gifts and I found your calendar.

Bend, OR

Hi John,
I found out about it through the Burlington County Times (I think it was in the Sunday edition).  If I had not read the article, I probably would not have heard about it because there are no stores around my area that carry it.  If I had known, I would have bought the years past as well.  Anything to support the K-9 unit. 
-- Katherine

Hi John,
We ordered a calendar last year for my mother-in-law and she loved it, so we ordered her one this year.  She is 86 years young, and K-9 Cops is here favorite television program.  Found it doing an Internet search.
Riverside, CA

John, I saw a write up in the Burlington County Times, and two of the DOGS are local to us, Bordentown and Mount Holly NJ...and I thought this is the perfect gift for my Brother-in-law an officer with Pocono Summit PD. I was especially touched by the photos in my newspaper and online...the expressions on the faces of the DOGS are so happy and excited...like look at me, I am the best dog and I am not anything more than the best companion, just a normal dog.  They LOOK sooo HAPPY and I know they are loved and respected for their work.  We have a local retired officer from Medford NJ who is still training canines in the home arena and even this write up in the paper was wonderful and touching.  Thank you again for everything, Marcia S.

PS - I received your calendar yesterday.  It is absolutely beautiful!
Again, Happy Holidays and Thank You!
Shirley S. (Medford, NJ)

John,  I had been looking for a looong time for a gift idea doing Google searches with keywords such as "police dog gift", "belgian malinois 2009 calendar", "k9 gift", "malinois statue", etc. and I was thrilled when I finally found your calendar - it was perfect!  Susan

My wife is a K9 officer with the Virginia State Police and this is a Christmas present.

A  friend of mine told me about the story of your photography and calendar in the "Time Off" magazine section of the weekly newspaper the Lawrence Ledger (NJ).

I was looking for a gift for a friend who is a police chief, and your calendar looked like it would be a hit with him. I ordered 2, one for myself (I was a police officer in Yardley, PA. for 14 years back in the 70's and 80's) and one for the Chief Porter.

I'll anxiously be awaiting their arrival. The article in the paper was great !

Hey John,
I am a former Willingboro cop, now living in FL and working for Nascar. My wife is up in NJ to spend holidays with family, and she saw an ad in Trentonian and called and asked me to order. We have a rescued shepard/husky mix and a greyhound, and are dog lovers, so we are always on the lookout for nice calendars. I usually buy one at the mall, but this is by far the nicest I've seen, a wonderful tribute to our brothers in blue and their K-9's. Keep up the great work, and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
Thanks,  Jim

Thanks John, 
Received the calendar today, will be sure to order your 2008, both K-9 and Cycle, also will order several more for gifts, a little to late this year.

Hi John,
I saw an article in Tempo and thought this would be a great gift for my son in Iowa. He's a police officer in Monona, IA and has always been interested in K9 units. I went to Barnes & Noble at Marketfair in Princeton the same day I spotted the article, but they weren't carrying the calendar. I remembered the name of the web site and was happy to be able to purchase the calendar and have it sent to IA. I think this was a great idea and you should do a repeat performance next year!



I am very much looking forward to the calendars.  To be honest, the calendar was exactly what I was looking for, as my best friend is a K9 officer.  Your site came up on a Google search and the rest is history!! 



Received the calendar today.  It's great!  I really like how you have several different types of dogs... (August is my favorite since I am a bloodhound handler).

If you have a mailing list for 2008 this fall, feel free to add me.



I'm a K/9 Trainer and Handler, and I could not find any calendars of German Shepherds or handlers.

So I went to GOOGLE and found your web site.
Thank you.

John, I am a Police dog handler in the UK. I was looking at Google images and found your site. Your calendar looked very good and I had to order it!

Dear John:

I was running a couple of errands in an area that I usually don't shop and stumbled upon your "Cops & Dogs 2007" calendar in Barnes & Noble. I absolutely love it! Typically I wait until the wall calendars go on sale until I buy one for myself. I loved it so much I bought it on the spot. I look forward to enjoying it for the year to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yardley, PA


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